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Online Research Analyst Position Description

Thank you for applying with our company for the position of “Online Research Analyst”. We are looking for candidates who have the ability to search various government websites, retrieve certain data points, apply those data points to a simple analysis, and then prepare and email a report of the analysis to the customer.

This job will pay by the report that you prepare and send. We estimate that a person working at a reasonable speed, maintaining high accuracy, should be able to prepare 4 reports per hour. We are paying $7.00 per report and therefore estimate a reasonable hourly income of $28. You will not be an employee of our company, but rather an independent contractor. The hours that you work are up to you, and the exact methods by which you prepare your reports are up to you so long as they are accurate and meet our requirements for form and content. A person who spends 40 hours per week on this job should be able to earn an annual income of about $56,000 per year. This assumes not working weekends and taking two weeks a year time off. Obviously, someone who wishes to put in more time or who is capable of working more quickly can make substantially more money.

Your reports will be audited on a regular basis and a quality score assigned to your work. Failing to maintain a high quality score will result in you being “pulled” from being able to access and prepare reports until you receive remedial training and demonstrate an ability to maintain the required quality levels in your work.

Our company is new, and therefore we do not know exactly how many Analysts we will need. We will bring Analysts “online” in the order of how you score on your job interview, with the intent being to make sure that each Analyst, when brought online, has enough orders to keep them busy at least 40 hours per week. Please note that we will ask you how many hours you anticipate being able to dedicate to your work each week, and we will take this into account as to when we bring you online. We will consider applicants who are willing to dedicate at least 20 hours per week, which should result in an average of 80 reports per week. If you fall below this production level then we may elect to take you “offline”, as we would prefer not to have a large number of Analysts to monitor and grade who are producing only a few reports per week.

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Online Counselor/Doctor Position Description

Thank you for applying with our company for the position of Online Counselor/Doctor. For this position we are looking for applicants who demonstrate the necessary analytical skills as well as good interpersonal, counseling, and telephone skills

This job will require that you assist customers who have received our core product and then elected to purchase a “Counseling Session” to better understand their report and how to fix the problems that it has discovered. Online Counselors currently may work from home or another remote location, but may be required in the future to be located at an office site in Jacksonville, FL during working hours. In this job, you will receive phone calls from customers who have purchased a counseling session and walk them through the results of their report, answer their questions, and instruct them in various methods for fixing any problems or issues that have been identified. Some customers may prefer that we fix their issues for them, and we will also offer those services. We call these repair services “Doctor” services, and the work associated with these services will be concentrated each year during the months of August through November. This position is an Employee, not Independent Contractor position, and will also offer a traditional benefits package including health insurance. Approximate pay for this position will be $67,500 per year, assuming a normal 40 hour workweek, and will be performance linked. Please note that this position requires the same level of analytical skills as the Online Research Analyst position, but also requires the interpersonal, counseling, and phone skills mentioned above. You must be good at explaining complicated issues in a simple way that is understandable to the common person, and also soothing and comforting in your speaking voice and phone mannerisms. If you are selected to interview for this position the interview will be conducted in our present Jacksonville Beach, FL location.

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Additional Details & Applicant Requirements

Hardware & Software Requirements

Most of the tools that you will need to perform your work are cloud based. As such, you’ll need access to a computer that is no less than 3 years old and you will need access to reliable and fast internet service. If you are selected you will receive detailed information on the hardware requirements.

Geographic Location & Training

You will work from home, but occasionally will have to attend training or other functions at our company’s Jacksonville, FL location.  As such, we are requiring all Analysts to live in a geographical location such that they willing to drive to Jacksonville, FL to attend approximately 2 company meetings or functions per month on 24 hour’s notice.   If you are selected, you will be required to attend initial training in Jacksonville for 3-5 days.  We will advise you of the next available training class if you are selected.

Work Method & Hours

You will log on to a central email “Order Basket” where you will retrieve orders one at a time.  Once you have completed an order you will email the report to the customer from a “no- reply” email account.  Our IT staff will set up your email access and accounts needed.  A copy of your report will go to our accounting/order tracking and our Quality Assurance department.  You may work orders during any hours that you wish, so long as you generate a minimum of 80 reports per week.

Interview Process

The interview process consists of an Online Analyst Evaluation and an in-person interview.  The OAE contains four parts.  Part 1 gathers basic typical information about you. Part II requires that you answer certain questions designed to assess your personality and analytical capabilities.  PART III is an exercise which simulates your preparation of a report for us. In this Part you will access several websites, gather information from them, conduct certain calculations using that information, and then use the results of those calculations to select certain results and modules to plug into the body of your sample report. Although this exercise is designed to not reveal our actual process and analysis, it will closely mirror the process and analysis you will perform if selected.  We will make an initial screening based on the results of the OAE and successful candidates must travel to Jacksonville, FL for an in-person interview.


We are a new company and are maintaining confidentiality with respect to our exact product and methods.  As such, you will not receive details on our company and its products until/if you are selected and attend training.  In the beginning of your training, you will be required to sign a Non- Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement where you pledge not to discuss our proprietary company information.  After we launch later this spring you will be able to discuss some aspects of our company but others will remain confidential indefinitely.


You are responsible for the costs of providing computer hardware which meets our requirements, but you will be provided with software keys to download or access the required software at no cost to you.

Pay Methods and Frequencies

We will pay you by making direct deposits into a US Bank account specified by you.  We pay every other Friday.  If that Friday falls on a recognized state (Florida) holiday, then pay will be transmitted on the first day prior that is not a state holiday or weekend.  At the end of each year you will receive an IRS Form 1099 reflecting your total compensation received for that tax year.

Selection Pool

If you are selected, you will be placed into a “Selectee Pool” from which we will draw Analysts as our business grows and the order count requires.  If you are in the Pool and have not been drawn yet, and your circumstances change, we will want you to email us and let us know so that others may move up.  Analysts will be drawn from the pool in order of their total Interview Score which is a combination of their Online Analyst Evaluation and their in-person interview score.  Once you are selected from the Pool, we will notify you of the next available training date for you to attend, and upon successful completion of training you will be placed “online” to receive and work orders.  We will be selecting an Initial Training Group of approximately 10 Analysts.  All subsequent Selectees will be placed in the Pool.    Depending on the demand for our products after launch, we may have as many as 300 or more Analysts.